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Massage Therapy

While massage therapy is not capable of curing serious or life-threatening medical conditions, it has been proven useful in providing welcome relief by helping to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia and stress. It has also been shown to relieve back and neck pain, headaches, muscle pains and some forms of chronic pain. Massage is a systematic manual application of pressure and movement to the soft tissues of the body including the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (membrane surrounding the body's muscle and muscle groups). Good health is encouraged through the promotion of the flow of blood and lymph, stimulation of nerves and stretching and loosening of muscles and connective tissues, helping to keep them elastic. Some of the techniques used include: Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic massage, myofascial release, muscle energy and reflexology. Some additional benefits to massage therapy include: promotion of nourished and healthy skin, reduction of blood pressure, improvement of immune system functioning and the release of your body's natural endorphins (which reduce pain naturally). At PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services, you can visit our massage therapist with or without receiving other services at our facilities. Most insurance plans do not directly cover massage therapy and payment is expected upon the completion of your massage therapy session. Gift certificates are available for purchase, and recipients are asked to mention the certificate at the time of appointment scheduling. Massage therapy services are not available at all PHOENIX locations. Call us toll free 888-644-7747 to find the clinic nearest you that offers this service.

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