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What to Expect


Thank you for choosing PHOENIX Rehabilitation & Health Services as your provider for physical, occupational and speech therapy services.  In order for you to receive the maximum benefits from your rehabilitation, read on to learn what you can expect at your first and recurring visits.

After you check in at the front desk, your licensed therapist will begin to lead you through your therapy routine.  Our healing process begins with a very personal, one-on-one approach.  Each patient has one therapist who is dedicated to his or her case, from the very beginning all the way through recovery.  We take this dedicated therapist approach because we know the importance of individualized care for successful rehabilitation.  Providing individualized care allows the therapist to monitor your progress and modify our plan of care as needed throughout your recovery.

When all of our treatment goals have been achieved, our therapist will create a comprehensive home exercise program tailored to your specific needs so you can keep yourself in good health and prevent future injuries.


News & Events

PHOENIX Corporate Office Goes Casual for Cancer

(Blairsville, PA)— Throughout the month of October in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month the PHOENIX corporate office in Blairsville went Casual for Cancer. Staff members paid $...



  • Location - Clearfield

    Position - Facility Director and Physical Therapist (6)

  • Location - Dover

    Position - Facility Director and Physical Therapist (4)

  • Location - Bear/Middletown

    Position - Facility Director and Physical Therapist (5)

  • Location - Mansfield

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (3)



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