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Alana Rizzo, PT, DPT, BSCSEastern PA Coverage PT
Amy ElderClinical Documentation Specialist
B. Paul SeitzEmployer Relations Specialist814-243-1046
Becky SternerSecretary Trainer267-372-9903
Carlos Garcia-Cuesta, PT, DPT, ATC, MTCDirector of Clinic Operations - Virginia and Mid-Atlantic703-272-8340703-300-3226
Carol DonahueBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 120724-343-4069
Carol Monheim, SHRM-CPHuman Resources Manager 724-343-4090724-343-4073
Cindy Gesuale, M.Ed., CWCPCompliance Specialist / Certified WC Professional724-519-2047412-600-1122724-343-4068
Claudine BishopBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 136724-343-4069
Conni Eaton Director of Billing and Collections 724-343-4060 ext. 111724-388-0057724-343-4069
Dana KanouffBilling Clerk 724-343-4060 ext. 115724-343-4069
Danielle Bixler, PT, MSPTWestern PA Coverage PT
Daymond PowellPhysical Plant Manager724-357-8850724-840-9617
Diane TaylorSenior Secretary Trainer814-279-4415814-443-4924
Erica MethvenBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 113724-343-4069
Erin McKinneyAssistant Director of Billing and Collections724-343-4060 ext. 114724-343-4069
Erin StifflerOperations Secretary724-343-4060 ext. 143724-343-4068
George EliasAccountant I724-343-4060 ext.102724-343-4070
Georgina NeaseAccounting Assistant724-343-4060 ext. 240724-343-4070
Ginger Mandy, PTEastern PA Coverage PT
Gretchen StifflerBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 122724-343-4069
Holly AultBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 153724-343-4069
Jackie PhillabaumBilling Clerk 724-343-4060 ext. 106 724-343-4069
Jan EverhartAssistant to Operations 724-343-4060 ext. 104 724-388-4304724-343-4071
Janet GibsonBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 125724-343-4069
Janis BotteicherBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 112724-343-4069
Jeanette KatholBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 121724-343-4069
Jenn ThompsonIT Systems Administrator724-343-4060 ext. 235412-716-3662
Jessica IssleyBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 236724-343-4069
Jessica Perlozzo, PT, MSDirector of Clinic Operations-Pennsylvania607-857-6976
Joni Breier, PT, MPTWestern PA Coverage Physical Therapist
Juline FentonRaintree Suport724-343-4060 ext. 103724-343-4068
Karen KrejocicBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 129724-343-4068
Kathie DusoExecutive Assistant to Senior Management724-343-4060 ext. 244724-343-4068
Kelly HueySecretary Trainer724-762-8535
Lara BrownBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 106724-343-4069
Lauren TalleySenior Secretary Trainer
Linda PruettBilling Clerk724-343-4060
Lori HowardBilling Clerk724-343-4060 Ext 238
Marsha CookAccountant I724-343-4060 ext. 139724-343-4070
Michael Reese, PTDirector of Clinic Training814-330-6173
Michelle SimpsonHR Coordinator724-343-4060 Ext 237724-343-4073
Natasha FosterCredentialing Support Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 106724-343-4069
Nikki KnoxMarketing and Community Outreach Specialist724-343-4060 ext. 144724-840-7224724-343-4098
Rebecca Kloda, PT, DPTCertified Workers' Compensation Healthcare Provider
Regina WilsonBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 130724-343-4069
Rhonda Alderfer, PT, MSDirector of Clinic Operations-Pennsylvania215-527-0289215-256-9280
Robert B. Kohn, PT, ATCExecutive Vice President of Operations-Southeast334-239-9316334-300-1396
Robin SarnovskyBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 117724-343-4069
Roger Mason, PTWestern PA Coverage PT
Samuel E. Moncure III, PTVice President of Operations-Delaware and Mid-Atlantic302-404-5613410-726-0528
Shannon LoweryBilling Clerk-Auburn, AL334-275-4636334-275-4637
Sue Ann LauverMarketing Secretary724-343-4060 ext. 145724-343-4098
Susan Muller Human Resources Generalist724-343-4089724-343-4073
Tammie HarbisonBusiness Analyst724-343-4060 ext. 135724-840-2090724-343-4068
Tammy HousholderReceptionist724-343-4060 ext. 101724-343-4068
Teresa JonesAccounts Payable/Payroll Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 105724-343-4070
Terrie JacksonBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 238724-343-4069
Tom Niggel, PT, OCSClinical Trainer724-713-7740
Toni SpiaggiAccounts Payable/Payroll Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 127724-343-4070
Trish MarcoaldiCredentialing and Contracting Specialist724-343-4060 ext. 116724-343-4069
Troy ThomasDirector of Development484-983-3139502-314-2490

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Traumatic Brains Injuries & Concussions

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are a result of a direct blow to the head or an indirect force such as whiplash. This impact causes the brain to violently shake inside the skull. TBIs can be clas...



  • Location - Vienna

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (3)

  • Location - Mill Hall

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (3)

  • Location - Bradford

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist

  • Location - Berwick

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (1)



PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc.
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Toll-Free: 888-644-7747