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Alana Rizzo, PT, DPT, BSCSEastern PA Coverage PT
Amy ElderClinical Documentation Specialist
Ayanna LindoAssistant to Operations - Mid Atlantic484-983-3139 ext. 100267-844-0486
B. Paul SeitzEmployer Relations Specialist814-243-1046
Becky SternerSecretary Trainer267-372-9903
Carol DonahueBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 120724-343-4069
Carol Monheim, SHRM-CPHuman Resources Manager 724-343-4090724-343-4073
Christine ConradDirector of Marketing724-343-4060 ext. 119724-422-5322724-343-4098
Cindy Gesuale, M.Ed., CWCPCompliance Specialist / Certified WC Professional724-519-2047412-600-1122724-343-4068
Claudine BishopBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 136724-343-4069
Conni Eaton Director of Billing and Collections 724-343-4060 ext. 111724-388-0057724-343-4069
Dana KanouffBilling Clerk 724-343-4060 ext. 115724-343-4069
Danielle Bixler, PT, MSPTWestern PA Coverage PT
Darrell NoonanI.T. Systems Administrator724-343-4060 ext. 123724-840-5421724-343-4068
Daymond PowellPhysical Plant Manager724-357-8850724-840-9617
Diane TaylorSenior Secretary Trainer814-279-4415814-443-4924
Erica MethvenBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 113724-343-4069
Erin McKinneyAssistant Director of Billing and Collections724-343-4060 ext. 114724-343-4069
Erin StifflerOperations Secretary724-343-4060 ext. 143724-343-4068
George EliasAccountant I724-343-4060 ext.102724-343-4070
Georgina NeaseAccounting Assistant724-343-4060 ext. 240724-343-4070
Ginger Mandy, PTEastern PA Coverage PT
Gretchen StifflerBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 122724-343-4069
Holly AultBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 153724-343-4069
Jackie PhillabaumBilling Clerk 724-343-4060 ext. 106 724-343-4069
Jan EverhartAssistant to Operations 724-343-4060 ext. 104 724-388-4304724-343-4071
Janet GibsonBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 125724-343-4069
Jeanette KatholBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 121724-343-4069
Jenn ThompsonIT Systems Administrator724-343-4060 ext. 235412-716-3662
Jessica IssleyBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 236724-343-4069
Jessica Perlozzo, PT, MSDirector of Clinic Operations607-857-6976
Joni Breier, PT, MPTWestern PA Coverage Physical Therapist
Juline FentonRaintree Suport724-343-4060 ext. 103724-343-4068
Karen KrejocicBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 129724-343-4068
Kate SvilarSenior Billing Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 112724-343-4069
Kathie DusoExecutive Assistant to Senior Management724-343-4060 ext. 244724-343-4068
Kelly HueySecretary Trainer724-762-8535
Lara BrownBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 106724-343-4069
Lauren TalleySenior Secretary Trainer
Marsha CookAccountant I724-343-4060 ext. 139724-343-4070
Michael Reese, PTDirector of Clinic Training814-330-6173
Natasha FosterCredentialing Support Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 106724-343-4069
Nick Russo
Nikki KnoxPublic Relations Specialist724-343-4060 ext. 144724-840-7224724-343-4098
Rebecca Kloda, PT, DPTCertified Workers' Compensation Healthcare Provider
Regina WilsonBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 130724-343-4069
Rhonda Alderfer, PT, MSDirector of Clinic Operations215-527-0289215-256-9280
Robert B. Kohn, PTDirector of Clinic Operations
Robin SarnovskyBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 117724-343-4069
Roger Mason, PTWestern PA Coverage PT
Samuel E. Moncure III, PTDirector of Clinic Operations410-726-0528
Shannon LoweryBilling Clerk-Auburn, AL334-275-4636334-275-4637
Sue Ann LauverMarketing Secretary724-343-4060 ext. 145724-343-4098
Susan Muller Human Resources Generalist724-343-4089724-343-4073
Tammie HarbisonBusiness Analyst724-343-4060 ext. 135724-840-2090724-343-4068
Tammy HousholderReceptionist724-343-4060 ext. 101724-343-4068
Teresa JonesAccounts Payable/Payroll Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 105724-343-4070
Terrie JacksonBilling Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 238724-343-4069
Tom Niggel, PT, OCSClinical Trainer724-713-7740
Toni SpiaggiAccounts Payable/Payroll Clerk724-343-4060 ext. 127724-343-4070
Trish MarcoaldiCredentialing and Contracting Specialist724-343-4060 ext. 116724-343-4069
Troy ThomasFinancial Planning Analyst502-314-2490

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Seated Yoga

In an ever-changing world full of daily demands and personal struggles, we all try to maintain as much balance and harmony as we possibly can. At times, this notion is difficult to achieve for ind...



  • Location - Natrona Heights

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (4)

  • Location - West Chester

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (5)

  • Location - Easton

    Position - Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Location - Easton

    Position - Staff Physical Therapist (8)



PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc.
430 Innovation Drive
Blairsville, PA 15717-8096

Phone: 724-343-4060 or 724-463-7478
Toll-Free: 888-644-7747